Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"In 2014, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle wondered if Mark Hurd was truly fit to lead tech giant Oracle. Many wondered that after leaving Hewlett-Packard amid a scandal, a scandal in which he was inevitably exonerated, if he was truly the one that could help Oracle to reach higher levels. If the last two years are any kind of indicator, then the answer is a resounding yes.

The truth is that not many CEOs get a second chance in the tech world, but when Oracle lured Mark Hurd away they were taking a risk that he would have the same kind of success that he had in his prior job. Despite the scandal, HP had been transformed under his leadership, and he is credited for saving the tech giant from going under.

However, a scandal can sidetrack any career and this looked to be the case for Hurd as well, but Oracle took a chance on him in 2010, and the results have spoken for themselves. The CEO has always had a reputation for being a wizard in financial management, finding ways to make profits in a company where there didn’t seem to be any to be found.

He also has always had a good vision on how the market is going and that is what has led to such success at Oracle. Hurd not only helped to make Oracle more efficient in the way that they did business, but he also took them into new areas, in particular into the cloud technology. Now, Oracle has quickly moved near the top in this technology and looks to pass Amazon in the coming years.

Was Mark Hurd the right choice to lead Oracle? Looking back he has proven to not only be the right choice, but the choice that turned the tech giant into a true behemoth.

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